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The CSUN VITA Clinic Tax Preparation Services

Under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners, trained and certified CSUN students provide free tax preparation services, both Federal and State, to eligible low income taxpayers. Services are offered at the CSUN campus and several remote sites in the community.
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Sign Up for Free Emergency Notifications

NotifyLA is a free emergency alert system that sends you life-saving safety information during emergencies and disasters.
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Need Speed Humps?

Starting Feb. 28, LA DOT will begin accepting applications. Once the 45-day application period is over, construction is expected to begin this summer.
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Moving Beyond The Pit

”I look at 2017 as a year of opportunities for the Winnetka NC to find ways to improve our service to the Community. We’ll be working together to make sure we develop strong Committees that can begin to address stakeholder concerns such as crime, public safety, transportation and smart and appropriate development that maintains the culture and character of Winnetka...
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WNC Votes Against Supporting Promenade Proposal

The WNC December 13, 2016 meeting was packed with 60-70 people focused on the proposed Promenade for the Winnetka Pit located at Sherman Way and Mason.
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Westfield Proposes Mixed Use to Replace Woodland Hills Promenade

Promenade 2035 is proposed to include 1,400 housing units, two hotels with a combined 572 number of rooms, 600,000 square feet of offices, 244,000 sqaure feet of retail a sports entertainment center and seven acres of open space.
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