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WNC Honors LA Sheriff Deputy Steve Owen

Our October Meeting was adjourned in honor of LA Sheriff's Deputy Steve Owen who was killed the prior week in Palmdale. We want to respect and recognize honorable law enforcement.
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Westfield Proposes Mixed Use to Replace Woodland Hills Promenade

Promenade 2035 is proposed to include 1,400 housing units, two hotels with a combined 572 number of rooms, 600,000 square feet of offices, 244,000 sqaure feet of retail a sports entertainment center and seven acres of open space.
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Reconsidering The Pit

Our September 13, 2016 meeting was well attended with more than 45 stakeholders interested in the topic of “The Pit”, located at the corner of Sherman Way and Mason.
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WNC Seeking New Committee Members & Meeting Location

WNC has formed an ad hoc committee to seek a new meeting location for our committee meetings. Most of our upcoming committee meetings have been cancelled until we find a location. Once we have a location, we will reform our committees and would love to have you join us.
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NPG Funds

Neighborhood Purposes Grants

The Winnetka Neighborhood Council periodically receives requests from organizations in Winnetka for support in exchange for outreach opportunities. Find out more about the rules and how to request these limited funds.
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