Outreach & Social Media Committee

Chair: Lisa Reeber
Committee Members: Samantha Ludwig, Franklin Solis, Erick Lace, Jill Kline

Regular Meeting Time: 4th Tuesday, Winnetka Convention Center

Goals: Our objective is to increase the input and involvement of our constituents.  We want to make sure that our stakeholders know what is going on in our Council and community and encourage everyone to become active in the Council.  We do this by:

  • Sponsoring community events to promote the WNC
  • Publishing our WNC Newsletter
  • Keeping our WNC web site updated with news
  • Creating a conversation on social media
  • Public appearances and informational booths
  • Various other publications and mailings

Some of the events we have sponsored include:

  • National Night Out
  • Memorial Day Parada
  • Spring Clean
  • Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair

Winnetka Holiday Banner 2006