The WNC is an advisory Board to the City of Los Angeles City Council. We are certified by the City of Los Angeles to represent the community of Winnetka in City matters and work to improve the community. Our job is to interact directly with our stakeholders and take your concerns and needs back to the City Council member or City departments.

Neighborhood Council membership will be open to everyone who lives, works, or owns real property in Winnetka and also to those who declare a stake in Winnetka as a community interest stakeholder, defined as a person who affirms a substantial and ongoing participation within the Neighborhood Council’s boundaries and who may be in a community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, non-profit and or religious organizations.

However, the WNC is really what we make it. While we can’t pass ordinances, we can lobby our representatives. While we can’t direct the City departments where to focus their efforts, we can work with them to to improve Winnetka.

We also have the responsibility of educating our stakeholders on how our City government is run and how to get things done. And we have the duty and responsibility to work together to improve our community.

Winnetka Boundaries

Northern Boundary: Nordhoff St.
Southern Boundary: Victory Blvd. & the LA River Wash
Eastern Boundary: Corbin Ave
Western Boundary: De Soto Ave

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Regular Meeting Schedule

The board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month. All stakeholders are welcome to come and participate.

The following committees have regular standing meetings which the community is invited to attend. Please see each committee’s page for more information and meeting dates.

  • Outreach & Events
  • Planning & Land Use Management (PLUM)
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works & Transportation
  • Youth

The following committees meet as necessary:

  • Rules, Elections & Bylaws
  • Budget & Finance

Board Structure

The board is made up of 14 at large members and one youth representative.


Winnetka NC Bylaws 06.16.2022

Winnetka History

Winnetka, just east of Canoga Park, is a rather small Southwest Valley community. There’s a park that is used year-round for city sport leagues and other events, but Winnetka also has a colorful history thanks to its founder Charles Weeks.

Weeks came to the area to build his “Garden Community” after the First World War. His “Weeks Colony” was to be a collection of single-acre poultry farms owned by citizens of “high moral character and purpose.” The promoter began selling tracts in 1922, and although it never became the utopian paradise he envisioned, Winnetka did become, and remains, a comfortable place to live. Read about Winnatka at the LA Times Mapping Project.

Working Together To Build A Better Winnetka

Today Winnetka is a vibrant suburban community consisting mostly of residences and small businesses. Mr. Weeks would hardly recognize the Winnetka of today. We have over 42,000 residents that represent all walks of life and ethnicities. In fact, Winnetka is known throughout the City of Los Angeles as the most ethnically diverse community in LA.

In 1999, the wise voters of Los Angeles decided to create a form of government that would bring the City government to the local level. The Charter reform passed that year created the Neighborhood Council system.

By 2003 the WNC was born! Today we are working together to establish a framework that will allow you to have an active voice in the way this City is run. The WNC has committees established to study local issues in depth and work with City departments to address our concerns. In addition, the WNC is very active in voicing your concerns on larger issues that affect the city of Los Angles.

Together we are building unity by respecting our diversity and our common commitment to making Winnetka a better place.

The Future

The future is waiting to be written by you! Join the WNC and help us make it a better future for all of our residents

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