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On July 27th, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell held a press conference to discuss the outcome of a six-months investigation of a human sex trafficking ring involving officials from Los Angeles and Tulare counties, along with the US Department of Justice, that has resulted in the capture of two men — with one woman on the run. Their victims including minors and young adults. More about that story can be read here.    Despite the great prevalence of the problem there continues to be a lack of awareness by the public about how extensive it is, and how it impacts their health and wellbeing as well.  Journey Out aims to change all of this, and will be shining a light on the domestic —local problem of commercial sexual exploitation in Southern California. The problem has been called modern day slavery, and it simply cannot be arrested away. It is literally going to take a village — various stakeholders to mitigate this epidemic, prevent others from falling victim, and helping victims become not only Survivors, but become those who have gone onto Thrive.    That is the purpose of Journey Out’s Annual Walk & Community Awareness Festival. In short, we are on the C.A.S.E.   

  • To Celebrate all Survivors of human trafficking. 
  • To Assist Journey Out in raising the necessary funding that allows us to carry out our mission of “helping victims of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking leave a life of abuse and violence, overcome their fears, and empower them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals” through direct services.
  • To Strengthen collaborative efforts in the fight against human sex trafficking.
  • To Enhance understanding and awareness about human trafficking – which is often a hidden crime.

  We wanted to do more than just a symbolic walk this year – and will be having a festival “village”, where we create a space for the entire community to take on this issue of human sex trafficking; and that is why we are inviting out our community partners. We will be providing invaluable information to the public— and engaging them in different ways, including through art, poetry, and music.    If the event is a success, we will be able to raise vital funds to provide critically needed services and supplies to victims of commercial sex trafficking; offering them the lifeline that is needed to successfully escape abuse and exploitation, rebuild their lives, and reintegrate into society   Contact email: cherise.charleswell@journeyout.org