The July 2015 meeting was VERY lively.

After hearing from seven interested candidates, two were elected by the Board to fill positions that had become vacant. The new “At Large” members are Carlos Perez, and Craig Ruggless.

Following the installation of the two new members, a discussion was opened concerning the ongoing issue of the proposed development of a mixed use building at Sherman Way and Mason Avenue. More that 50 people were present, and approximately 19 stakeholders took time to comment. There were strong opinions on both sides of the issue of whether or not the proposed structure should be approved. (The plan has not yet been submitted to the City Planning Commission.) The PLUM Committee had already approved submission of the plan with a number of conditions and passed the matter on to the Board. After a long discussion, the Board voted to deny the proposal at this time. The neighborhood community has indicated that they will continue to oppose the current project.

The Treasurers report was presented and approved.