From Senior Lead Office Jennifer Poepke on September 5, 2018:

While away on vacation I came back to numerous emails regarding Runnymede Park.  Please know that I am working with our HOPE officers as well as Parks and Recreation Captain in order to help clean up the park.  We have had numerous arrest in the area so Officers are doing the extra patrol as well as under covers working the area.    It is not illegal for the group of homeless to hang out in the park all day, but we will do what we can to keep it cleaned up so the encampments do not start.  Once the park closes then they have to leave. If you see anyone there after hours, please call our non-emergency for trespass  877-275-5273

I also received more complaints on Fallas at Sherman Way and Corbin.  I have been doing all that I can to help keep it cleaned up.  Due to it being private property, there is little I can do without the help of their headquarters.  I have cited multiple people for trespass on the property.  I am working with Blumenfields office right now to see what more we can do.   For those of you who have been doing community clean up days,   THANK YOU! 

The motor homes that are parked on Sherman Way and Corbin… this is considered a “green zone” for vehicle dwelling and those motor homes are allowed to be there.  They have to move every 72 hours which means they literally need to move the motor home a foot.  I was out there yesterday and spoke with one of the owners.. I advised her to clean up all the trash and debris from the side walk and to move since I know she’s not moved that r.v since I left on vacation.


Here are the last few days of crime stats:


*6100 block of Jumilla: Suspect entered residence through an unlocked rear bathroom window. Unknown if property was taken during incident as a loud audible alarm sounded as soon as suspect made entry.

*7500 block of Winnetka: Suspect entered residence through an unlocked sliding glass door. Suspect removed property and fled location


*in the area of Mason and Saticoy: Incident happened at a house party. Suspect punched victim and took victim’s property. Suspect is described as male Hispanic approx 20 years old (no further information)


*19800 Block of Basset: Suspect entered victim’s unlocked vehicle, removed property and fled location

*7500 block of Quakertown: Suspect entered victim’s vehicle with unknown tool and removed ID and credit cards.


Please take that extra time to remove your personal property from your parked vehicle (even if its parked in your drive way) and make sure all windows are up and doors are locked…. also double check your home before leaving for the day or evening. Make sure windows are closed and locked as well as all your entry doors!


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