After an in depth discussion about the proposed Senate Bill 827 at our April 2018 meeting, we are relieved to learn that the bill died in committee on April 17, 2018. SB 827 was proposed by Bay Area Senator Scott Wiener with the objective of increasing housing supply. The bill would have overruled existing local zoning laws to allow building up to five stories within a half mile radius of transit hubs. Angelenos were appalled at how this law would change the character of their neighborhoods, with huge buildings backing up to single story houses.

Winnetka Neighborhood Council President JJ Popowich reacted to the news, “This is huge news and welcome news for our City. This bill would have ended our ability to have any say in what gets developed in our neighborhood. The fact the legislature killed it for this year is comforting, but the danger hasn’t gone away. The state has been attempting to take away local development rights for years and has done unbelievable harm to Los Angeles with mandatory density bonus’ long before the voters started passing propositions. We must remain vigilant and fight against any of these types of efforts.”

Reports indicate that the bill was prevented from moving forward by a vote of 5-4, and Senator Wiener is already at work restructuring it to bring it back.

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