Haynes Meeting

On March 4, Councilmember Blumenfield hosted the latest community meeting for the Haynes Street Beautification Project in Winnetka. Previously, dozens of neighbors gathered to discuss the needed repairs to this storm drain between the community and the LA River and how to enhance the property with improvements such as a walking path, greenery and pet friendly amenities.

“It is wonderful to present a few plans based on our previous conversations to beautify our community and add more needed green space,” said Blumenfield.

Located at 19941 Haynes St, this plot is owned by the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Sanitation has responsibility for fixing the drain. Blumenfield wanted to ensure that community members have a chance to offer their input on the future of this site. While there was general agreement about the big picture parameters there was a split in the community when it came to some of the potential details.

For questions or concerns on this ongoing effort, please call Blumenfield’s office at 818.774.4330 or send an email to Councilmember.Blumenfield@lacity.org.