The Metro Orange Line Extension Project will extend four miles from the Metro Orange Line Canoga Station to the Metrolink Chatsworth Station. This dedicated busway will offer improvements to north-south mobility in the western San Fernando Valley. The construction of the Metro Orange Line Extension will offer faster travel time, improved bus connections, and provide better access to destination throughout Los Angeles County. Anticipated project completion is summer 2012.


The first order of business was for the Metro Contractor to build a new parking lot at the north end of the Metrolink Chatsworth Station. Having completed that, the Contractor will now utilize a portion of the south parking lot as a construction staging area to store construction equipment and to perform construction work along the alignment.

When: Beginning at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 22, 2010 through the end of construction summer 2012, a portion of the south parking lot will be used as a staging area by the Metro Orange Line Extension Contractor.

What to expect:
Parking will be restricted at the South parking lot. Metrolink/Amtrak patrons are encouraged to park in the North parking lot.
Access to pedestrians will be maintained outside the construction zone.
Access to emergency responders will be maintained.