The committee voted to recommend that California Home Builders be granted a zone change from RA to R1 and any necessary tract divisions to build 8 single family homes on the property located at 855 Lurline Ave, Winnetka as presented on February 2008.

The committee approved a plan to place a large cross like T Mobile antenna in the location specified with a setback of 15 feet (a variance of 10 feet) at Faith Lutheran Church, 7500 De Soto Ave, Winnetka. This will include the addition rock landscaping at the bottom antenna and continuation of the landscaping scheme to cover the equipment facility.

The PLUM Committee recommends the approval of the parking plan for Valley Catholic Korean Apostolate Church, 20124 Saticoy Ave, Winnetka, CA. They are requesting approval for a zone change of a parking lot area. The existing parking lot will be reconfigured to hold 113 cars out of a required 92 cars. In addition we recommend that the front of the church facing Saticoy be improved to increase graffiti prevention (i.e. some type of creeping vine).