At the April 15, 2008 meeting Captain Sherman discussed the Topanga station planned for opening January 2009. The response time to calls will most likely be quicker since the station is closer. And PALS, Explorers, Jeopardy and the Reserve Officers will also be on-site.

Senior Lead Officer Maldonado was on hand to hear concerns about graffiti, vagrants, and bars. There was a discussion about possibly installing graffiti watch cameras that not only take pictures of taggers in action, but sound an alert notifying them that they are being watched. This system is hoped to deter graffiti. The committee is working with Officer Maldonado to determine the best places for camera installation.

The committee recommended that the WNC board make a stand in favor of Jamiel’s law, which would repeal the LAPD’s policy of disregarding the immigration status of persons who are arrested or convicted of committing violent crimes. This law was proposed when Jamiel Andre Shaw, a high school football star was gunned down near his home by a recently released man serving time for assault with a deadly weapon. He may have been here illegally.