Winnetka Neighborhood Council Board 2019

On April 9, 2019, the Winnetka Neighborhood Council swore in new Board members and said goodbye to a few Board members whose terms had expired. 

The Winnetka NC was scheduled to hold elections in May. However, only seven candidates signed up to compete for seven positions. Since there were no contested seats the City Clerk determined there would be no election and the candidates who had been up for election were affirmed as new Board members.

City Councilman Bob Blumenfield swore in new Board members Gregory Coley, Lisa Reeber, and Amir Malekpour as well as returning Board members  Judith Giglio, Erick Lace, David Uebersax, and JJ Popowich. These Board members join the remaining Board members  Steven Fuhrman, Samantha  Ludwig, Tamika Eisley, Franklin Solis, Victor Lerma, Arjantha Sriamya, and John Poer. The Winnetka NC has one open Youth Representative position.

Mr. Popowich, whose term as President of the Winnetka NC ended Tuesday night, thanked outgoing Board members Christopher Persaud, Tess Reyes-Dunn, and Bettie Ross-Blumer. 

The Winnetka NC also held elections of their officers on Tuesday. The Board elected the following officers:

  • President: David Uebersax
  • Vice President: JJ Popowich
  • Secretary: Lisa Reeber
  • Asst. Secretary: Victor Lerma
  • Treasurer: Samantha Ludwig
  • Asst. Treasurer: Gregory Coley
  • Parliamentarian: Erick Lace
  • Asst. Parliamentarian: Amir Malekpour

The new Board members are working on completing their  training and the Winnetka NC is looking forward to continuing to serve  the community and bring local government to the people.