The Public Works and Transportation Committee received a request for assistance on August 27, 2017 from a resident of the Keswick Patio Homes located across the street from the back of the Food 4 Less on the corner of Winnetka and Saticoy. Her concern was that Food 4 Less trucks drive down Keswick to make deliveries and sometimes there are three or four trucks lined up at a time on Keswick waiting to make deliveries. This is a safety issue, hindering the flow of traffic and blocking driveways. Further, sometimes the trucks unload on the street. The problem is most acute on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

So far the action the stakeholder has taken has included contacting Ralph’s Corporate Offices and a letter sent by the HOA to Ralph’s Corporate offices. The letters cited city codes prohibiting trucks of a certain size on residential streets. Ralphs responded that someone from their offices would come and monitor the situation, but it is not known if that has occurred. 

The item was discussed at the August Public Works and Transportation Committee Meeting and the following ideas were sent to the stakeholder suggesting that the more times she takes action to communicate the problem to multiple parties, the more likely she would receive results:

1) Obtain the FREE application (APP) for your smart phone (if you have one) called: MYLA311 and use it to report every time this lineup of trucks happens. It will allow you to take photos, and even photograph license plates.

2) Call the TOPANGA LAPD Station and report ….every time.

3) Call the SENIOR LEAD OFFICER (SLO) at TOPANGA LAPD for our area:

    Officer Jennifer Poepke
    TEL   818-756-4800
    Report to her and/or ask for a return call. SEND her an email…..every time it happens.

4) Call our Councilmember for District 3: Bob Blumenfield at:

        19040 Vanowen St, Reseda, CA 91335
        818) 774-4330
   He also has a website where you can leave messages:

5) Call PARKING ENFORCEMENT if the street is posted for parking control, and the trucks are violating the posted rules.

        To report parking violations such as a blocked driveway please call our dispatch center: 
        (818) 374-4823 
        Include as much information as possible such as: type of violation, street address, and cross street.
       (Do it EVERY TIME it happens)

6) If you use “social media” such as Twitter, or Facebook, don’t hesitate to comment on the problem, and the things you have tried to do to correct it. You can post times and photos there also.

Some of these things may seem to be difficult, or perhaps not worth the time, but we have learned that it is still the best way to approach community problems. Many problems go un-noted because people do not take the time to report them.

Of course everyone is welcome at the Public Works and Transportation Committee Meeting and the WNC Board Meetings!

Image from Google Streetview