On June 26, 2013 outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed the City’s plastic bag ban into law. Starting January 1, 2014, the law will ban single-use plastic bags at major stores with the ban extending to smaller stores by July 1 of next year. Paper bags will be available at a cost of 10 cents each.

The ban is intended to reduce the $2 million that the City spends every year cleaning up the plastic bags and the trash and blight that they cause. It also puts Los Angeles on a path with forward-thinking cities across the globe in being more environmentally responsible. The City is intending to hand out about one million reusable bags to residents. No time like the present to create a new habit of bringing your own bags.


View the actual ordinance.

The details of this proposal as it moved through the City Council File Process can be found on its Council File Page.