Five years of hard work, planning, and cajoling came to fruition in November of 2008 when the WNC completed its Winnetka Median Beautification project. In our first year the WNC committed to this major community improvement project as a way to show that Winnetka stakeholders cared about the community they lived in. The project called for re-planting of the median running down  Sherman Way from DeSoto Ave to Corbin Ave.

In addition, the plan called for the placement of river rock around the signs at the two ends to help set our community’s signs apart from all the others along Sherman Way. And what a success it was!

It took the efforts of five years worth of Council members work, partnering with a host of community stakeholders and organizations such as Jacobi Building Supplies, Tarzana Nursery, Smart & Final, Albertsons, Yolanda’s Bakery, St. Joseph’s the Worker Catholic Church, Donuts Plus Depot, Councilmember Dennis Zine, the Department of Public Works Forestry division, and a host of community volunteers. Now five years later we are the talk of the town with our new medians.