Bike lane improvement project at Winnetka and the LA River

June 2019

As part of his ongoing effort to build and grow an integrated network of bike infrastructure in the West Valley, Councilmember Blumenfield was joined by bike advocates and community members to celebrate the completion of Phase One of the Winnetka Street Improvement Project.

“We need to make our streets safer for everyone and by expanding our bike infrastructure, we are doing just that,” said Blumenfield. “The reality is that bicyclists are hit by cars everyday and people are dying on our streets.”

This project provides safer connections to many destinations including  Los Angeles River Path, the Metro Los Angeles Orange Line Winnetka Station and Bike Path, Pierce College, the West Valley Occupational Center, and the Woodland Hills Sunrise Little League Park. This project connects bicyclists with so many destinations while preserving existing traffic and turn lanes.

The project was vetted through multiple community meetings and altered to insure that phase II would not result in traffic lands being reduced south of Victory Blvd. as originally proposed. Furthermore, the project will provide parking along Winnetka Ave. that was desired by the community.

Two years ago, Ignacio Sanchez Navarro was killed on a stretch of Winnetka Ave. while he headed home one night from work. A ghost bike installation still remains alongside the new bike lane.

Blumenfield also recognized his Legislative Deputy Jeff Jacobberger, who was instrumental in this project and is currently recovering from being hit by a car on his bike. Jeff has a deep personal commitment and professional expertise in transit and bike infrastructure and we are all encouraged to see his recovery.

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Images from Councilmemer Blumenfield Office