On Monday, July 21, 2008, the WNC was congratulated on our fifth anniversary as a certified neighborhood council. The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) presented several Board members with a certificate commemorating the special milestone at the BONC’s Sylmar meeting.

Over the last five years the WNC has evolved into a very stable and productive neighborhood council. The WNC has a long standing record of organizing town hall educational sessions, promoting disaster preparedness, working with local schools to promote education, working on community issues (including street paving, parking issues, and safety related concerns), and working with developers to ensure smart development in our community.

Our fifth year promises to be one of our best yet. Earlier this year we held a gang awareness session at Sutter Middle school to educate parents on signs of developing gang activity. In August 10th, we’re teaming up with the Valley Cultural Center on the Family Cultural Earth Day festival in Warner Park. Later this fall we’ll be sponsoring a Youth Expo to give parents and children in our community an opportunity to see what youth services are available to them. And we’re only getting started!

Exciting things are happening with our neighborhood council. Join us as we work to make our community the best it can be!