Our June 2017 was a resounding success in that we were able to finish off a number of administrative items that had been of concern for a while. We approved quite a number of minutes and monthly expenditure reports. Board member David Uebersax was unanimously elected to serve as Vice President filling an important role left vacant by a departing board member. We still have an open seat on the Board and we will now need a new Secretary and and new Treasurer to fill those Board positions. The vacant seat is open to the public, and anyone interested should attend the next meeting(s).

Our SLO (Senior Lead Officer), Jennifer Peopke, advised attendees that burglaries and car break-ins are continuing to be a problem in our part of the valley, and that burglaries where entry is made by going through unlocked side gates and breaking back glass doors have become very common. Individuals are also going through neighborhoods trying car doors, looking for open doors and searching through ones found open. She also addressed the issues related to the “Red-Yellow-Green” zones where people may or may not live in their vehicles, as well as what they can and can not do about tents and homeless on the sidewalks.

The Planning and Land Use Committee will be discussing the current regulations regarding sleeping in vehicles and you are invited to share your opinion as we weigh in with Councilmember Blumenfield on this important issue. The map below shows the part of Winnetka that is in the LAPD Topanga Division.

Streets colored red: no vehicle dwelling at any time

Yellow: No vehicle dwelling overnight between 9 pm and 6 am.

Green: Vehicle dwelling allowed, complying with posting parking restrictions.

Vehicle sleeping map