WNC Board members Armineh Chelebian, TJ Martens, and Erick Lace join Tom Waldman, LAUSD Board Member Tamar Galatazan’s Chief of Staff and Sunny Brae Principal Susan Laskin and students and the “Read Every Day” Mural Dedication on February 17, 2009.

“Read Every Day” Mural at Sunny Brae Elementary

UPDATE: The Board approved additional funds to set up irrigation for the Sunny Brae garden in April 2009.

At the January 2009 meeting the Board voted to spend up to $2,500 for Sunny Brae Elementary School’s “Garden” as recommended by the Youth Committee. In December 2008, the Board voted to sponsor a Literacy Garden with tables and chairs at Winnetka Elementary school with $2,500; to sponsor the newsletter at Limmerick Elementary for $200 and 3-5 murals for $2,500; and to provide third graders with dictionaries at Winnetka schools for $1,000. 

Sunny Brae Garden Beautification Project – February 2009