October 22, 1934 to November 30, 2014

Marilyn Robinson passed away in her sleep on Sunday, November 30, 2014, after a short illness.  She just turned 80 years old.

Marilyn was born and raised in New York City (The Bronx) on October 22, 1934.  She never lost her Bronx accent.  She moved to Los Angeles at a young age where she worked in banking and met her husband-to-be Charles H. Robinson.  They eloped and were married in a chapel in Las Vegas.

Marilyn was very active in Winnetka community events.  She worked very hard for local political candidates.  She had great relationships with local councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Mitch Englander, and a very special relationship with former councilman Dennis Zine who due to her tireless efforts on behalf of Winnetka declared her to be the “Princess of Winnetka.”

Marilyn was a founding member of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council and was instrumental in getting the neighborhood council approved by the people of Winnetka, and certified by the City of Los Angeles.  She served on the Board of Directors for the past 10 years as its Vice-President, Parliamentarian, and Assistant Parliamentarian.  She was a former chair of the Outreach Committee, and sat on the Youth Committee, Outreach Committee, and Safety Committee.

Marilyn also served on the Board of Directors of the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce, trying to work for and with the businesses of Winnetka on local projects, and was its treasurer for many years.  She organized the Chamber’s annual Octoberfest/Halloween Festival for many years.

Marilyn was very active on behalf of the youth of Winnetka.  She was a memberof the Winnetka Park Advisory Committee where she helped organize and raise money and supplies for the annual youth Halloween Party at the Park.  Marilyn was also on the advisory committee for the Winnetka Park Preschool where she raised money and collected toys for the annual children’s holiday party complete with Santa Claus, who was occasionally accompanied by Mrs. Claus (Marilyn, of course!). 

When Marilyn found out that there were elementary school children in our area who were homeless and slept in their cars at night, Marilyn immediately went to work organizing with other community organizations including Hope Chapel and raised money and collected food to give a nice dinner to the area’s homeless families with elementary school children.  She also collected toys and blankets for distribution to the families. 

Marilyn will be extremely missed by all those who worked with her on all her projects, and by the organizations with which she was a part.  Winnetka was truly blessed by having Marilyn Robinson as its community activist and citizen, and is a little less at the loss of the “Princess of Winnetka.”. 
Final arrangements are pending.