The WNC December 13, 2016 meeting was packed with 60-70 people focused on the proposed Promenade for the Winnetka Pit located at Sherman Way and Mason. Prior to the meeting the Board received numerous emails both in support of and against the proposal. Attendees were polite but passionate, and everyone had the opportunity to speak briefly during public comment which took over an hour. After hearing from all sides, the Board voted six to five to not support the proposal as presented.

Having checked in with Peggy Malone-Brown at City Planning we understand that should the developer choose to continue forward with the project as proposed in their application, they would need to first complete their application and environmental clearance. Then the project can be considered in a public hearing. The WNC vote on the project would be one of the data points considered in the City Planning Staff Report on the project.

Notice of the hearing would be by mail to the WNC and to those within a 500′ radius. Should we receive a meeting notice for the public hearing, we will notify our stakeholders. More Promenade project images.

Because the Promenade discussion took so much meeting time, we were unable to complete our agendized items, but we did approve the Public Works Committee partnering for safety along the LA River. Currently the LA River and bike path is under the jurisdiction of multiple agencies, which is making it difficult to address crime problems, bike theft, homeless tents, trash, and pedestrian safety. The part managed by the Sheriff is locked at night, but the part managed by the LAPD is not. The WNC would like to partner with Canoga Park NC, Woodland Hills NC and Reseda NC to form a RiverWatch. As the LA Bureau of Engineering considers extending the Bikeway along the river from Forest Lawn/Zoo Drive to Vanalden, effectively linking with the Bikeway in Winnetka, safety concerns will become even more concerning.