New Board Sworn In

New Winnetka Neighborhood Council Board Members Being Sworn In: Eric Lewis, Matt Gregorchuk, Tess Reyes-Dunn, John Poer, Franklin Solis, Steven Fuhrman, Ajantha Sriramya. Benjamin Hill, Tamicka Green, Carlos Perez, JJ Popowich -- Hidden: Jamie Pelaez, Erick Lace, David Uebersax) Jenny Portillo is doing the swearing-in with her back to camera.

Board Members Thanked for Their Service with certificates from Senator Brad Sherman (Left to Right): John Poer, Steven Fuhrman, Victor Lerma, Tess Reyes-Dunn, Erick Lace, Bettie Ross-Blumer, Tom Sattler, Eric Lewis, JJ Popowich, Jaime Pelaez, Carlos Perez, David Uebersax

The Winnetka Neighborhood Council conducted elections on April 17 for seven board seats. The newly elected board members were sworn in on May 10 and the outgoing board members thanked for their service. The new board then elected officers. The new officers are:

JJ Popowich, President
Benjamin Hill, Vice President
Matt Gregorchuk, Secretary
Tamicka Green Assistant Secretary
Jaime Pelaez Treasurer
David Uebersax Assistant Treasurer
Frank Solis Parliamentarian
Eric Lewis, Assistant Parliamentarian

Combined image of Swearing In