Planning & Land Use Management Committee

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Chair: David Uebersax
Vice Chair: Vacant
Members: Steven Fuhrman, Franklin Solis, Richard Healey, Juan Lopez

Meets as needed on: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, Winnetka Convention Center


To provide community input to the City’s Planning & Land Use Management process. The PLUM Committee whenever possible will hear proposals for development, building, or land use issues that are planned within our boundaries.

This is the first stop for most developers once they have filed their requests with the City. Our job as a Neighborhood Council is to review the matter before the City hearing date and provide our recommendation on whether the WNC approves, rejects, or requests a modification to the request.

Winnetka NC Planning & Land Use Management Committee Procedural Resolution

The PLUM Committee adopted a Procedural Resolution January 2017, and updated it August 2019. It outlines how the committee will work with developers. Please see the Procedural Resolution for details. The PLUM Committee whenver possible will:

  • Consider proposed developments that will impact Winnetka
  • Meet with developers as early in the process as possible, possibly multiple times to provide guidance
  • Only consider approving a project after it has been submitted to City Planning and assigned a case number
  • Post a physical notice on or near the property in question to alert neighbors
  • Require financial backing disclosures, relevant reports, site plan, renderings and more
  • Require applicant to sign a voluntary agreement of intent to comply with conditions requested by the Board.

View the Winnetka NC Planning & Land Use Procedural Resolution






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Current News from Committee

PLUM to Consider Grocery Outlet

The PLUM Committee is back in business with new development notifications and a meeting about an alcohol permit for a Grocery Outlet in place of Fallas on Corbin and Sherman Way.

November 19th, 2019|PLUM|
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