Rules & Bylaws

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Chair: Mihran Kalaydjian

Co-Chair: Erick Lace

Committee Members: Mikhail Anthony Maniyan (Parliamentarian), Judith Giglio, Jonathan Vickburg

Meetings scheduled as necessary.

Mission Statement:

This committee shall consider and make recommendations to the WNC Board concerning amendments to the Bylaws and standing rules of the WNC


Effectively conduct the election process and maintain WNC bylaws.

The Rules & By-Laws Committee is responsible for overseeing & revising the rules by which the Winnetka Neighborhood Council operates and for planning our elections.





Month Agenda Minutes
March 18 N/A Minutes
Month Agenda Minutes
November 5 N/A Minutes

Current News from Committee

Vote February 22 – March 3

Voters will now have between three and ten days before election day to cast their ballots. Additionally, voters will be able to pre-select their choices for each office through an interactive sample ballot, which will produce a unique QR code that can be scanned by the new voting machines.

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