sycamore cabin

On May 26, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield and Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission (HotV) opened the West Valley’s first Cabin Community for local unhoused Angelenos. Located right behind Blumenfield’s District Office, the ‘Sycamore Cabin Community’ boasts 52 tiny homes with 100 beds that will be made available to those experiencing homelessness on nearby streets in his West Valley district.

The Sycamore Cabin Community will improve the lives of both the homeless and the housed residents in the West Valley, providing a safe and stable environment for people experiencing homelessnesss. The site features several changes that have reduced the cost of construction when compared to those previously opened in LA. For example, simple anchors replaced concrete pads for the foundations. Light colored paint treatments on both the cabins and surrounding asphalt will help reflect heat and reduce the heat island effect. All existing trees on the site were preserved, creating a green shady environment to resist some of the high West San Fernando Valley heat which typically reaches over 110 degrees in the summer. Each cabin also has its own air conditioner and heater to keep the interior a comfortable temperature year round and there are many shared amenities like laundry, three meals a day, restroom facilities, Wi-Fi, 24/7 security as well as case management and drug and mental health counseling. And pets will be welcome as well with an on-site dog run.

Beginning Thursday, May 27 – Saturday, May 29, Hope of The Valley staff will be conducting both private and public tours of the new location as part of a larger preview for the community. Just go to Hope of the Valley’s web portal to schedule a time slot to see the cabins firsthand before the new residents move in. This summer Blumenfield and Hope of the Valley will open their second cabin community in the West Valley, located on an underutilized Metro lot in Tarzana. Stay tuned for more updates.

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