Cool street from space station

News from Councilmember Bob Blumenfield: Did you know that even in space you can see a temperature difference from the Winnetka cool pavement program? A thermal camera aboard the international space station has detected a Cool Crescent on Stephanie Dr. right where we are running the world’s largest cool pavement neighborhood.

To combat the urban heat island effect in our communities, I’ve been working on a pilot program since 2017 to study cool pavement technology. The gem of this pilot is right here in Winnetka where we are studying the effects of a 65,000 square foot stretch of neighborhood paved exclusively with a special cool pavement coating.

Rather than absorbing heat from the sun, cool pavement reflects it. Thank you to Jonathan Parfrey/ Climate Resolve for your ongoing leadership on this work as well as the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services team who are dedicated to helping make LA more livable.

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